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Let us audit your software and identify technical debt

You are planning to invest in a new startup? You got an on-going project? No matter how much you trust the team and how motivated it is, you might regularly want to review what they are doing, in order to prevent problems earlier.


Why us?

First, since all projects in Zerocracy are done by freelancers, who are very unpredictable, we know how to fight for quality. Second, we’ve audited over 300 projects already in our Annual Quality Award. Third, since we are a multi-project company, we can review your artifacts from a fresh perspective.

Do it on a regular basis

Hire our experts to provide you an independent opinion about what your team is doing. Our reviewers will tell you what kind of technical issues your software product has and what are the risks and threats you should pay attention to.

Don’t wait until programmers mess everything up

Hire our high-caliber software engineers for a few hours to get your repositories audited. This will protect your project from possible disasters.

We work with most tech stacks

Our experts understand Java, Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, Python and C#. If you have something else, we can find the right talents to review your project too.


We work remotely and never talk to your team

There is no need for us to communicate with your programmers, ask any questions, or disturb them anyhow. You give us read-only access to your repository, your logs, your database, and we review what we see, remotely.

We sign the NDA before we start

Each reviewer will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with you, confirming that all data received during the review will be destroyed when the audit is done.

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It takes five days and costs $2,560

There are three types of audits: quick, standard, and detailed. Most probably your project needs a standard one, which will give you enough food for thought and will help your team improve. You pay by PayPal, VISA/MasterCard, or Bitcoins.

Ready to go?

Leave your email address here. We will get in touch in a few hours to schedule an audit: